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Sharing the development of survival mode of cosmetic plastic packaging

Sharing the development of survival mode of cosmetic plastic packaging



If a cosmetic plastic packaging manufacturer wants to get rid of the current mode of survival at low prices, it must pay attention to the construction of the design team, form its own design strength of cosmetic plastic containers, and get rid of the model of relying on the model to obtain development. This will increase the competitiveness of cosmetic plastic packaging manufacturers. Although it may require a large investment in the short term, it is very worthwhile in the long run. In addition, from the outside, our relevant departments should also actively guide.

   For example, the cosmetics plastic container packaging design competition was held, and efforts were made to create an innovative atmosphere for cosmetic plastic container packaging. Furthermore, accelerate the construction of an education system for plastic bottle packaging design talents. In addition, the supervision of the plagiarism of cosmetic plastic containers should be increased, and the design of packaging for cosmetic plastic containers should be accelerated.

In the past few years, the packaging industry has been developing a product that can effectively protect the quality of skin care products while meeting the needs of luxury and novel appearance. The emergence of multi-layer plastic forming technology can meet both of the above requirements. It allows multiple layers of different types of plastic to be combined and molded at once.



With multi-layer plasticizing technology, the cosmetic plastic packaging of plastic products isolates light and air, which oxidizes skin care products, and the other has a wonderful visual effect and unique hand feeling by combining different kinds of substances. Multi-layer plasticizing technology also improves the tortuosity of the hose. The current packaging for skin care lotions is hoses and glass bottles. The hose was only a medium and low grade packaging 15 years ago, and even the famous brands are now in use. The hose is economical to produce, easy to carry, and suitable for holding emulsions and gels.

  Numerous plastic container suppliers say that a large number of daily chemical companies have shown great concern for lightweighting, especially for popular personal care products, such as skin care products in plastic bottles or plastic cans. In general, plastic bottles or plastic cans are easier to achieve the goal of lighter weight than injection molded containers.

    Lightweight plastic packaging can alleviate people's concerns about environmental protection and sustainable development. More and more people choose products that are better in packaging, faster in production, stronger in packaging and lighter in weight. At the same time, the small reduction in the amount of resin on each package can bring considerable economic benefits to the enterprise. Especially under the premise that the price of resin raw materials has never been improved, more and more enterprises are increasingly thicker in packaging. interest.





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