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What is the smell of cosmetic plastic packaging?

What is the smell of cosmetic plastic packaging?



The step of objectively confirming the scent is to let a group of people identify whether it is pleasing or unpleasant to distinguish the smell they smell. Cosmetic plastic packaging is based on the reflection of the identification team, and then using standard instrumental analysis methods such as gas chromatography, solid state spectroscopy (GS/MS) to determine the grade of plastic volatiles. But these older instrumental analysis systems require expert analysis and evaluation to arrive at accurate conclusions.

     The new plastic odor detector is an "electronic nose" device that relies on electronic probe dot matrix and pattern recognition technology to work. The instrument operator heats the sample and directs the released volatiles into the probe array for detection. The results obtained are displayed in digital mode, which makes it easy to correlate with the conclusions of the discrimination panel. Depending on the specific requirements, volatile odors can be classified as pleasant, neutral, unpleasant, or reported in terms of strength and molecular aggregation.



Cosmetic plastic packaging, 80% is a lightweight disposable bottle. Advanced technology such as control of raw material components, precise control of the whole process of melting, small mouth pressure blowing technology (NNPB), hot and cold end spraying of bottles and cans, and on-line testing are the fundamental guarantees for lightweighting of bottles and cans. Some countries are developing new bottle surface enhancement technologies in an attempt to further reduce the weight of bottles. A German company coats the surface of the bottle with a thin layer of organic resin to produce a 1 liter concentrated juice bottle of only 295 grams, which prevents the glass bottle from being scratched, thereby increasing the pressure strength of the bottle by 20%. The current popular plastic film sleeve label is also conducive to the lightweight of glass bottles.

     Waste plastics tend to produce unpleasant odors. Most recycled plastic packaging, such as hdpe, pp, pvc, and pet, are washed with aqueous solutions to remove contaminants. However, the odor adsorbed inside the plastic will still remain. Organic solvent extraction methods help remove odor-causing compounds.

     A new solvent extraction method also uses supercritical carbon dioxide as a solvent. This technology

It has been applied to hdpe and pet to remove odorous contaminants from oil containers, pesticide containers and other used equipment. The benefit of carbon dioxide extracts is that they do not cause troublesome post-treatment problems with organic solvents.



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