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What are the characteristics of the design of the powder eye shadow box?

What are the characteristics of the design of the powder eye shadow box?



The powder eye shadow box directly interacts with people. Its design should meet the requirements of ergonomics, including physiological, psychological and information sensing. It is designed to have a friendly and pleasant container shape, which is better for people. For example, designing some raised points or lines around the cap can increase the friction for easy opening, especially when the palm is sweating and moist.

     The size and weight of the powder eye shadow box should meet the general requirements of human physiology. For example, the diameter of the can can not be too large, and the capacity should be light and heavy, so as to be held by one hand. Cosmetic packaging, especially for women's cosmetics, is available in a wide variety. As the competition in the cosmetics market is becoming more and more fierce, all cosmetic companies are trying their best to expand the sales share of their products, and they are working hard on the packaging and promotion of cosmetics.



From the birth of plastics to today, the plastic products of cosmetic bottle manufacturers have gone through a hundred years of history together with human beings, making an indelible contribution to the progress of society and the improvement of people's living standards. Today's plastic products are basically polymer compounds, and their chemical structure is stable. Although some toxic substances do exist, the possibility of release under normal temperature or freezing conditions is extremely small.

    Plastic products such as Coke bottles and mineral water bottles will be deformed after boiling water, but it will not affect their safe use, but the appearance will change greatly. The internal molecular structure will not change substantially, and no toxic or harmful substances will be produced. . When using a metal brush to clean plastic bottles, even if the plastic bottle is worn on the outside or inside, it only destroys the surface finish without causing damage to the molecular structure. As for the corrosive acid and alkali solution, the plastic material is a safe packaging material.

    The function and function of the powder eye shadow box are more and more detailed, and more and more cosmetics with comprehensive functions, the grade difference is very obvious, the packaging form is dazzling; at the same time, in order to better publicize their products, the cosmetics Different classifications and packagings suitable for their own characteristics were carried out.



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