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So how much do you know about the advantages of cosmetic plastic packaging?

So how much do you know about the advantages of cosmetic plastic packaging?


   Plastic packaging is used mostly, plastics are collectively referred to as polymer compounds, the main base is synthetic resin, and synthetic resins mainly include fillers, plasticizers, flame retardants, colorants, antistatic agents, foaming agents, stabilizers, It consists of additives such as lubricants, which are chemically processed to synthesize plastic containers, E, cleaning products, bath products, plastic films and so on.



Cosmetic plastic packaging is widely used because of its many unique advantages:

    1. Good mechanical performance. The metal container has a large strength relative to other packaging containers, such as plastic, glass, paper containers, etc., and has good rigidity and is not easily broken. Not only can be used for small sales packaging, but also the main container for large transport packaging.

   2. Excellent barrier properties. The metal sheet has excellent barrier properties compared with any other materials, and has good gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, light blocking properties, and aroma retention properties, and the sealing is reliable, and the product can be reliably protected.

   3. Easy to achieve automated production. The production of metal containers has a long history, and the process is mature with a complete set of production equipment, which has high production efficiency and can meet the packaging needs of various products.

   4, beautifully decorated. The metal material has good printing performance; the pattern logo is bright and beautiful, and the obtained packaging container is attracting attention, which is an excellent sales package.

   5. Various shapes. The metal container can be made into various shapes according to different needs, such as a circular shape, an elliptical shape, a square shape, a horseshoe shape, a trapezoidal shape, etc., which not only satisfies the packaging requirements of different products, but also makes the packaging container more change and promotes sales.

    Commonly used cosmetic plastic packaging materials in addition to the above commonly used, there are AS or ABS transparent plastic, PMMA acrylic material. Plastic containers account for a large proportion of cosmetics packaging, up to 75% or more. The main reason is that in addition to the plasticity and convenient filling of materials, transportation, density, printing, recycling, etc. are also the main factors for considering the large-volume use of plastic containers.

    However, the shortcomings of plastic containers are also obvious. Poor light resistance, low heat resistance, and poor refractory resistance are all fatal shortcomings of plastic containers, mainly because the necessary high temperature steam sterilization and illumination sterilization process cannot be performed. Its poor refractory properties are some of the dead spots of cosmetics. Some corrosive cosmetics also directly react with plastic containers. For example, acidic, oily, and oxidizable products are very harmful to humans. For example, essential oils, makeup remover water oil and perfume cosmetics. Therefore, the cosmetics of the plastic container are preferably pure white or transparent. The reason is that it is easy to observe the properties of the cosmetic and avoid the contamination of the bottle fuel.



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