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Analysis of the value of cosmetic plastic packaging in the market

Analysis of the value of cosmetic plastic packaging in the market



The value of cosmetic plastic packaging is not to be ignored. The packaging cost of cosmetic plastic packaging is very low, which greatly reduces the cost of container packaging and brings tangible benefits to consumers. In addition, cosmetic plastic packaging is extremely malleable and can meet the various needs of the market.

     At the same time, plastic cosmetics plastic packaging is resistant to falling and other characteristics, which are difficult to replace with other packaging materials. It is important to recycle the recycling rate of plastic cosmetic plastic packaging. Among them, the recovery rate of PET cosmetic plastic packaging is very high, and it is much higher than other packaging materials such as glass bottles and paper boxes. The recycling of resources is in fact an important indicator of environmental protection.



The aluminum bottle caps for cosmetic plastic packaging are mostly processed on a highly automated production line. Therefore, the strength, elongation and dimensional deviation of the 1060 aluminum foil are very strict, otherwise cracks or creases may occur during processing. In order to ensure the easy printing after the cap is formed, it is required that the aluminum foil plate surface of the 1060 cosmetic bottle cap is flat, free from nick marks, scratches and stains. Due to the high requirements for aluminum caps for cosmetics, there are relatively few mature aluminum processing manufacturers in the domestic market. According to the current market distribution, Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. has a large market share. The market share of bottle cap materials is more than half, and there is a clear growth trend. The advantage and good market reputation have won the favor of the majority of manufacturers.

    People's work is relatively open and free, and the quality of life is constantly improving. Traveling, visiting relatives, etc. are becoming more routine for many people. For those who like to go out, it is a must to carry cosmetics with them. However, when going out, the cool setting environment becomes extremely difficult. Faced with such problems, the current demand for products on the market has not yet been well resolved. To solve the problem of cosmetics in any environment, it will not affect the quality of the products. Fundamentally, it also needs to rely on cosmetic plastic packaging to solve, which brings unlimited potential business opportunities to cosmetic plastic packaging and packaging enterprises.

   The lucrative profits of the cosmetics industry are well known. Numerous capitals have also entered this field. In addition to the internationally renowned well-known cosmetics companies occupying a market share, there are some local traditional cosmetics companies in the domestic market. These companies have their own survival foundations because of their traditional reputation, but they have to go further. In the market, brand packaging operations are required. We all know that in addition to brand influence, the consumption of cosmetics has an emotional impact. This requires the use of cosmetic plastic packaging, a cosmetic plastic packaging that is beautifully designed to meet the aesthetic requirements of women.





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