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Analyze the composition of the materials of cosmetic packaging materials

Analyze the composition of the materials of cosmetic packaging materials



Many cosmetic container creams and lotion bottles use such materials. The materials themselves are not very permeable, with a little matte feel. If you want to brighten, you can only use the process to improve, such as Spraying, electroplating, etc., but usually the choice of such materials is the effect of its own, rarely using additional special processes for processing.

     At the same time, however, the glass bottle has poor impact resistance, is fragile, has high filling cost, and is complicated in molding processing, which limits the application of the glass bottle. Glass bottles are often used in the packaging of high-end cosmetics or some special cosmetics. It has good barrier properties, hygienic and preservative properties, is easy to seal, and can be tightly sealed after opening.



In fact, although the rise in raw materials and the policy of environmental protection and high pressure have greatly increased production costs, cosmetics packaging materials manufacturers are still very optimistic about the prospects of the glass packaging industry, and do not feel confident. On the contrary, most people believe that these competing packaging materials can't be compared with glass products in attracting customers and expressing brands and crystal positions.

   The glass bottle has good chemical stability and is not easy to react with the contents; it has good transparency, and can add coloring agents such as iron, cobalt and chromium to the raw materials to produce glass bottles of various colors (such as amber glass, green glass, blue glass, Cobalt blue glass, opal glass, opaque glass); good heat resistance and not easy to deform; high compressive strength, internal pressure resistance; high density, weight sense (suitable for higher-grade cosmetic packaging).

    Benefit from the rapidly growing range of high-end skin care products and the high demand for glass products. In addition, cosmetics packaging materials manufacturers should also seek development opportunities from emerging markets and constantly update their products to meet customer requirements. The glass packaging industry has been a difficult and slow growth in recent years, and with the environmental protection pressure from this year, it can be said that it is difficult.



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