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What are the production costs of making powder eye shadow box?

What are the production costs of making powder eye shadow box?



First of all, the production of powder eye shadow box is currently made of steel. We all know that the cost of steel is very high. In order to blow a new bottle, a manufacturer needs to make a new powder eye shadow box, which often requires high cost. If you can find cheaper powder eye shadow box making materials, this will greatly reduce the production cost of plastic bottles. Secondly, the life of the powder eye shadow box, the powder eye shadow box needs to be blown in a high temperature environment.

     Therefore, the production life cycle of many powder eye shadow boxes is not long, and prolonging the life cycle of the powder eye shadow box is also an aspect of effectively reducing the cost. The production efficiency of the powder eye shadow box, the multi-cavity can effectively improve the blowing efficiency, but how to achieve more cavity number in the limited space in the blowing machine is a very challenging problem.



Does your powder eye shadow box talk to your target audience? When choosing and designing your powder eye shadow box, it is important to know what products you will sell, their social and economic status, gender and ethnicity. As consumers become more complex, a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy no longer applies. Although most cosmetics and skin care products are sold to women, there is an increase in male skin care products.

    Men's packaging design is different from women's packaging because they have different appeals. High-end consumers are more attracted to high-end packaging and precision design. Even mass market consumers tend to use fashion and modern packaging products as a sign of higher value. Different from the crowd in the competitive cosmetics and skin care business is very important. Your packaging not only represents the values of your products, but also differentiates your brand and competitors.

    Keeping your budget within your budget should be less than 5% of the retail price of the product, which is the rule of thumb. If you have a high-end product that sells for more than $100, you can choose from a variety of luxurious styles and even custom tools to achieve the desired results. If your budget is small and your product is not too expensive, a powder eye shadow box will do the job in PP, PET or HDPE plastic; but that doesn't mean you can't illuminate the shelves brightly. Technical advantages allow the various finishes and finishes on cosmetic bottles to transform ordinary packaging into extraordinary packaging.





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