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Look at the problems in the design process of the powder eye shadow box

Look at the problems in the design process of the powder eye shadow box



Powder eye shadow box must pay attention to the following problems in the design and production process: inflation, elongation, vertical load strength, container rigidity, bearing surface, mouth thread, shape and outer surface and molding, temperature, pressure, etc. To ensure the mechanical properties, formability, mold structure and processing rationality of the powder eye shadow box and container use conditions. The process flow is: mixing→screw extrusion→clamping→blow molding→opening→cooling→trimming→inspection.

     If the barrier performance is higher, and the light blocking and opacity are used, the brown PET bottle is selected, and the liquid dosage type cosmetics generally use a polypropylene bottle or a polyester bottle as the main raw material. At present, the domestic bottle of nutrition and health products and food is mainly made of PET material or HPDE, and the bottle cap is made of PP material. Powder eye shadow box product quality standards. From the product quality standards of the production plant, the quality of the product can be analyzed and judged.



For the packaging of cosmetics, nutraceuticals, food and beverages can not be used, the Ministry of Health issued the "Food Plastics and Raw Materials Hygiene Management Measures" has clear provisions: "Where processing plastic utensils, containers, food packaging materials, Recycled plastics shall not be used." The regulations were promulgated on November 26, 1990.

     Cosmetic powder eye shadow box has good chemical stability, weak toxicity, health and safety. The lid of the medicine can be made into a safety cover or a pressure cover, as well as an anti-counterfeit mark and the like. The disadvantage of the plastic packaging container is that it is easy to carry static electricity, the surface is easily contaminated, and the discarded materials may cause environmental pollution, and the recycling process is difficult.

     When selecting the raw materials of the powder eye shadow box, attention should be paid to the nature of the material and the packaged cosmetics. Whether there will be a reaction between the two, mutual penetration, dissolution, adsorption, and the composition of the cosmetic changes, so the new powder eye shadow is selected in the new drug. The cartridge should be tested first to investigate the compatibility of the powder eye shadow box with the cosmetics installed to confirm whether the powder eye shadow box is suitable for the packaging of the drug.





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