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So can cosmetic plastic packaging be recycled?

So can cosmetic plastic packaging be recycled?


Cosmetic plastic packaging on the market today prevents bacteria and air from entering the interior before it is opened. However, once opened, the contents will always be exposed to external air and bacteria, and the active ingredients will be contaminated and oxidized, resulting in less effective skin care products. In order to make skin care products simple and hygienic, keep the skin care products fresh and effective, and eliminate secondary pollution and efficacy discounts.

    Along with the sales boom on the e-commerce website, the small and medium samples in the major brands of cosmetics have been sought after. Are the big-name cosmetics that seem to be cheap and good, really another window for ordinary consumers? In fact, plastic bottles also have "identity cards." According to experts from the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, the bottom of plastic products generally has a triangular logo with three arrows, meaning that it can be recycled and reused.



The recycling mark is a common law used by countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan. As early as 1996, China issued the "Recycling Mark for Plastic Packaging Products." The development of science and technology to today, the engineering and technical personnel of cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers are fully capable of ensuring the safety of plastic food packaging for human health. Therefore, plastic product bottles or containers are qualified products that are produced by regular manufacturers according to technical standards and are used properly. It will not release chemical pollutants, and people can safely reuse it.

    Choose the right cosmetic plastic packaging for your formula _ All cosmetics, skin care and medical products are chemicals, so they may react with other substances. The correct cosmetic container will ensure compatibility between the packaging material and the formulation. If you have a preservative-free, organic or high-end medical formula, you should choose a cylinder or jar.

    As we all know, big-name cosmetics are expensive, not all consumers can buy, and the capacity of an ordinary cosmetic container, if not used as soon as possible, cosmetics will expire, resulting in waste. Airless pumps protect sensitive products from contamination and provide up to 99% of products; even high viscosity products such as toothpaste.





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